Train & History

Ocean to Ocean (1 day – Monday to Friday)

The Interoceanic Train is a railway line that links the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean across Panama. The Railway was of vital importance for the construction of the Panama Canal and the principal incentive its building was the vast increase in traffic to California owing to the 1849 California Gold Rush.

The construction on the Panama Railroad began in 1850 and the first revenue train ran over the full length on January 28, 1855. Today with an investment of $80 million dollars, the revitalized railroad provides an efficient intermodal link between the Pacific and Atlantic ports and complements the existing hub transportation infrastructure provided by the Canal, the Colon Free Trade Zone, the Port terminals, highways and airports. To complete this tour full of history we will visit Portobelo Historic Town.

Enjoy a ride on the Interoceanic Train to Colon, once there we will travel to the small town of Portobelo. Once in Portobelo, visit the colonial fort of Santiago de la Gloria, a walking tour of the town and the newly restored Customs building, the fort of San Jeronimo, and ending with a visit of the church which houses the Black Christ. Entrance fees and lunch are not included.

US$ 400.00 (1 person)
US$ 240.00 (2 persons)
US$ 194.00 (3 persons)
US$ 164.00 (4-6 persons)