Panama City & Canal Tour

City and canal in one day (4 hours)

A tour that apart from the Three Cities Tour, will bring the guests an opportunity to live this engineering marvel of the world first-hand. 250,000 workers were needed from all over the world and it took over 10 years to build. It stands as a monument to genius and power of conviction.

Visitors will enjoy the magnificence of this water way, its history, and much more at the Miraflores Visitors Center. They will be able to view the ships transiting through the Canal and at the same time get a detailed description of the complete process.

Visit de majestic locks of Miraflores in The Panama Canal and its miniature mock-up of the Panama Canal. Later visit the historic site of Casco Viejo (the colonial city of Panama) where you will be able to admire the colonial monuments and the Museum of the Canal.

A short stop to the Causeway in Amador will give you a panoramic view of Panama, the entrance of the Canal and the Pacific Ocean, finishing your half day city and canal tour.

Location: Panama City.
We recommend: Casual clothing and comfortable shoes, as well as a camera.
US$ 110.00 (1 person)
US$ 55.00 (2 persons)
US$ 37.00 (3 persons)
US$ 28.00 (4-6 persons)