Panama City Tour

Discover the Three Cities (4 hours)

Panama Viejo ("Old Panama"), founded in 1519, was the first European city established on the Pacific Coast of the Americas and was Pizarro's staging area for his attack on the Incas. Destroyed by the gold-seeking English pirate Henry Morgan in the late 1600s, the city was rebuilt a few years later on a more defensible peninsula and Casco Viejo ("Old Crown") was born.

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Panama City & Canal Tour

City and canal in one day (4 hours)

A tour that apart from the Three Cities Tour, will bring the guests an opportunity to live this engineering marvel of the world first-hand. 250,000 workers were needed from all over the world and it took over 10 years to build. It stands as a monument to genius and power of conviction.

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Native's Embera Culture

An unforgettable cultural meet (6 hours)

Immerse yourself in the Chagres National Park and enjoy the day with one of the seven ethnic cultures in Panama. It is a wonderful rustic and exotic travel and very close to the city.

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Anton Valley

In the middle of the Volcano (1 Day)

This picturesque place, two hours away from the city, offers a great variety of attractions to its visitors. At 1,200 feet above sea level, Anton Valley welcomes you to enjoy its exotic scenery such as: El Chorro del Macho (waterfall) , El Nispero Zoo, the petrogliphs and the Handcrafts Market (open only on Sundays).

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Miraflores Locks Tour

Panama Canal (2 hours)

For tose who want to experience the Eighth wonder of the world, but have little time, this tour offers a short visit to the Miraflores Locks for observation of ships transiting and complete information at the Miraflores Visitors Center.

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Historic Tour “Portobelo”

Take a look to the colonial history (1 día)

When the Spanish colonies were at its prime and the conquest of the Inca Empire was accomplished, the Spaniards set their eyes in strategic sites of Panama to transfer their cargos from coast to coast. Portobelo was the end of the Royal Road (Camino Real), path between the oceans that started in the Old Panama City.

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Train & History

Ocean to Ocean (1 day – Monday to Friday)

The Interoceanic Train is a railway line that links the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean across Panama. The Railway was of vital importance for the construction of the Panama Canal and the principal incentive its building was the vast increase in traffic to California owing to the 1849 California Gold Rush.

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Panama Canal Full Transit

A memorable journey (8 – 10 Hours)

Our trip departs from the Flamenco Marina and you will travel from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean on the same day. Once in the Pacific Ocean, you will be able to admire the Bay of Panama and Panama City’s splendorous skyline before passing under the Bridge of the Americas.

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Panama Canal Partial Transit

A memorable journey

Our tour starts at the Flamenco Resort and Marina. Passengers board motor coaches for a 45 minute ride to the town of Gamboa where the Panama Canal Dredging Division is located. Once in Gamboa, passengers board the Pacific Queen to start the water portion of the tour.

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Bridge Of Life

The Biomuseo is the only one in its class in the region. Designed by world known architect Frank Gehry (in his first incursion in Latin America), the building was conceived mainly to tell a story: how the emergence of the Isthmus of Panama changed the history of our planet.

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Panama Shopping

Albrook Mall, Metro Mall or Multiplaza (Max. 4 hours)

For tose who wish to enter one of the largest shopping outlets complex in the region, where they can find all kinds of sales, large department stores, specialized stores and more, we have designed a shopping tour to Albrook Mall.

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