General Information

Official Language: The official language in the Republic of Panama is Spanish, however many panamanians are bilingual: English/Spanish.

Climate: Panama’s climate is pleasantly tropical and the temperature is usually uniform throughout the whole year. The nights are generally cool. The average temperature is 27°C. The country has two seasons: Rainy and Dry. The first is from May to November with rain that allows for sunshine during most of the day. The dry season called summer, runs from middle December until April.

Local Time: GMT-5

Currency: The Balboa: The US dollar circulates as paper money. 1 Balboa=1 USDollar.

Tips: Tips are not included un restaurant prices. It is customary to turn in between 10-15% of total bill.

Business Hours: 9:30 a.m. to 19:00 hours not closing for lunch. On Sundays the hours are from 10:00 am until 19:00 hours.

Borders: 555 km total extension; Colombia 225 km, Costa Rica 330 km Coasts: 2,490 km. Borders norh with the Caribbean Sea, South with the Pacific Ocean, East with Colombia and west with Costa Rica.

Land Extension: 75,990 sq km (29,340 sq miles)

Ethnic Groups: 70% are mestizos, 10% white, 12% mulatos and 8% indigenous.

Government: Constitutional Democracy. Centralized Republic.

Visa and Immigration Requirements:
To enter the Republic of Panama, visitors must have the following documents:

  • Valid passport. All tourist must have one.
  • Return air ticket to another destination.
  • For certain nationalities no visa is required.

To verify the countries which require tourist visas, stamped visas or tourist cards, as web as the entry requirementes for these countries, we reccommend you visit your travel agent or visit:

Airport Tax: For international comercial flights, leaving Panama the airport tax per passenger is USD 40.00 payable at airport or in some airlines, included in ticket price. Please verify with your travel agent or airline if this tax is included in your ticket.

* Information subject to change at any time*