Welcome to Panama!

The Republic of Panama has become in a real gem for the travels lovers. This is a small and beautiful country surrounded by 2 oceans and a Canal linking the global maritime trade, representing an excellent alternative for connectivity. It has the most cosmopolitan city in Central America, provided with natural resources in their lush jungles and islands, tourist infrastructure of the first order, world class cuisine, first-class attractions and competent human resources that will make your visit a true destination experience to remember.

Why Panama?

  • Panama is safe: we are one of the safest country in the region for tourists and business people.
  • Panama’s currency is US dollar: for over a hundred years in Panama's legal currency is the American dollar, however, there is the Balboa as the local currency which has in the country the same value as the US Dollar.
  • Panama offers great attractions: being a small country with very good road infrastructure for our visitors will be very easy to find: beaches in the Caribbean and the Pacific side, lush rainforest, beautiful mountains, a modern and cosmopolitan city such as Panama City, cultural and historic sites, golf, fresh water fishing and deep sea fishing, rafting, canopy, surfing, diving, casinos and of course one of the great wonders of modern world: the Panama Canal.
  • Geographical position and connectivity: Panama is located in the heart of the Americas, with an international airport and hub of COPA airline, allowing you to connect with other countries in the region and the world.
  • Panama and its venues: Panama offers a lot of locations for your conferences, meetings, parties and themed events, from terraces overlooking the city skyline, Hispanic city ruins of the XVII century, function spaces in hotels or convention centers or a balcony just a few feet of the boats transiting the Panama Canal, are some of the many options available to set you unique event.
  • Panama has a sophisticated economy based on services, clean water, high quality services, excellent roads and communications systems.
  • Panama City is known for its nightlife. You can choose from more than 150 restaurants with multi-cultural cuisine and entertainment such as nightclubs, bars, pubs, casinos and more. Panamanians are friendly people and fun loving. They know how to party and they love tourists to enjoy the night with them.

Come to Panama and enjoy this world-class destination and affordable, surely you and your guests will want to come back.